Laurel Wreath Quilt Block


Quilts have personality, have you ever noticed? Often the quilts reflect the personality and preferences of the person who made it. In this case, the quilt reflects both the person who made it and the person who picked out the colors.  Made for a beautiful young lady and her husband as a wedding gift, this table runner is 36” long. The bride picked out the colors and based on her preferences/knowledge of her, I quilted roses into the center cream square of each block. When it was completed and I had completely fallen in love with it, I realized how much it truly reflected her personality. She is intelligent, beautiful, kind, caring, feminine and so much more. What do you think? Do they match up pretty well?

While simple, the Laurel Wreath Quilt Block is very elegant and diverse. There are thousands of color combinations for this block and can be made for every day or holiday use! This pattern dates back to the 1930’s and is a common pattern in many households!

If you want to make a quilt using this pattern, here is a great tutorial for you to follow!

If you would like to purchase a quilt made from this quilt block please click on the appropriate link below. Please be aware that depending on the size, it will take anywhere from 2-10 weeks to deliver your order.

Laurel Wreath Placemat’s (set of 4) $35.00

Laurel Wreath Table Runner   $35.00 

Laurel Wreath Wall Hanging   $ 100.00

Laurel Wreath Twin Quilt         $200.00

Laurel Wreath Double Quilt     $250.00

Laurel Wreath Queen Quilt       $ 350.00

Laurel Wreath King Quilt          $450.00

Matching Napkins (set of 4)      $5.00  

If you have any questions, please email me at .

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Elizabeth Woodruff

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